Established in 1943 with a focus on African supply, Kallos Exporters rapidly expanded across the globe and is now one of the major role players in the supply of a vast basket of perishable goods.

We were tasked to develop a more affordable bread brand to service the local and traditional market.

With Kallos Exporters starting to realise the global reach of their business, it was decided that a rebranding was necessary. Kallos Exporters was aptly renamed Kallos Global. Together with this, Kallos Global celebrated its 75th year in the trade and decided to commemorate and celebrate this with limited edition 75th Birthday logo design to be used on various marketing collateral.

With the growth of Kallos Global and their 75th birthday, they wanted to celebrate with the entire Kallos Global Team and so the “Kallos Cowboys” conference was born. The themed conference included each team member to be morphed into a Cowboy or Cowgirl.

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